10 Easy Things You Can Do For Yourself

Wit Without Wisdom, Ep. 35

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Most of us spend at least a little time each week trying to improve ourselves. Higher productivity, getting in better shape, being happier and obsessing over our bullet journal are just a few of the things that may be on your list.

The struggle is real and so is trying to create the better you among all of life’s other requirements. But it doesn’t all have to be difficult which is why we’ve compiled a list of ten easy things you can do for yourself with just a little time each day.

 If you want to move forward, but also need a saner, more manageable plan or at least a short self-improvement list, this is your episode.

Plus, eight out of ten items on our list will take less than ten minutes of your time, and the longest commitment we’ve included is getting a good night’s sleep.

Delivered with our usual snark (because sarcasm is good for the soul) here is an easy fifteen-minute episode that will make you feel 17% better just by listening to it!

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By Writers After Dark


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