Amazing Facts That Sound Completely Fake

Wit Without Wisdom, Ep. 15


Some things sound too good to be true and others, well, they seem about as believable as your neighbor’s evidence that the postman is an alien and there is a conspiracy to use junk mail to overtake the world.

Hmm, we’d actually like to hear more on that . . . but instead, we’re returning from summer vacation with some actual . . . and maybe even unbelievable. . . facts that will surprise and entertain you.

So, for this episode, we reached deep into the bowels of Wikipedia and threw together more disparate facts than a high school freshman putting together his “Due after vacation” term paper.

Well, not wholly disparate as the central theme is mainly, “Well that’s icky.”

We’ve got everything from:

* Spiders to giant sea worms

* The one fruit you may never want to eat again

* Misconceptions on Time and Space

* And SK’s favorite: What do men and monkeys have in common?

Step right up folks and join us as we reveal the titillating facts previously known only to ancient Babylonians (and anyone with access to the internet).


Did You Know These Facts?

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