Are You Really Ready to Publish Your Book?

— The Writers’ Podcast, Ep. 05

Knowing when you’re ready to publish can be difficult. In this episode of The Writers’ Podcast, we take a hard look at the ways to determine if you are ready to publish your book. We also discuss the eight questions every writer should ask and answer before they hit that publish button.


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By Writers After Dark

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We’re S.K. Anthony and Raymond Esposito, your hosts at Writers After Dark. She writes those urban-fantasy–superhero-badass-chicks-with-a-touch-of-romance stories and he writes those dark fiction-things-that-go-bump-in-the night tales.

When it comes to writing, we don’t agree on genre, but we do agree that . . . we love stories . . . and one of the things we love most: hanging out in our mostly-sober, Writers After Dark studio and debating the merits of just about anything related to the story of life.