Finding Solutions Through Creative Thinking

Wit Without Wisdom, Ep. 29

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Successful and happy people tend to be those who apply the powers of creative thinking to find solutions. It might seem counter-intuitive. You might think that a problem calls for a more logical or analytical process. Get out the spreadsheet, fire up the pros and cons list, or google “best ways to.”

History shows that most of our most significant advances follow from the same starting point as the best in the arts—creative thinking.

Many of the fantastic things that are common to daily life like computers, Amazon, streaming video and music, and even AI didn’t happen by following old methods. They were born from a somewhat risky idea and through imaging “what could be.”

Creative thinking doesn’t mean creativity in the artistic sense of the word. It’s not just about making music, painting pictures, dance, or making movies. Creative thinking is merely arriving at a new idea by thinking about things differently.

In this episode, we’re exploring the aspects and obstacles in creative thinking including:

•    The biggest brain myth of artistic ability

•    How to test your own creative thinking abilities

•    The oddity of the Uncanny Valley

•    How public education works against creative expansion

•    How to improve your creative thinking abilities

So, open your mind, drop the spreadsheet, and prepare to think like a creative genius…well, that’s probably an over promise so maybe just settle for twenty minutes of entertainment.

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