Detox and Cleanses: Do They Work?

Wit Without Wisdom, Ep. 38

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Hey, if you’re living life correctly, you’re gonna feel a little dirty once in a while. But setting aside your inherent naughtiness, the idea of cleaning our insides has become a focus of better health advocates. And as the words suggest, diet processes promoting detox and cleanses have enjoyed great popularity over the past decade. The questions remain, however, as to whether these proposed solutions do what they say they do.

In this episode, we purge ourselves of the temptations offered by dietary magic bullets and dive into the topic of cleansing and detoxifying.

We discuss:

•    The difference between a detox and a cleanse

•    Both popular and extreme diets

•    The pros and cons of detoxing and cleansing

•    Whether you actually need focused efforts to “clean” your body

•    And natural, less severe, methods to reduce internal toxins

So, before you get that summer bod prepped through a full-body purge, grab some lemon water and have a listen to this week’s Detox and Cleanse episode.

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