Are All Diets Fad Diets?

Wit Without Wisdom, Ep. 26

fad diets

Fads come and go, and in the diet world, it is no different. Considering the number and variety of diets available, losing weight should be as easy as selecting your method.


And, yet, the world keeps getting fatter, the diet recommendations crazier, and the confusion greater. It almost seems fitting that the first three letters of diet spell die because that’s what you want to do around day four of any diet.

But no worries, if the first diet, the second, or the tenth doesn’t work, you only need wait a bit for the next sure-fire method to shed those unwanted pounds.

In this episode, us long-term dieters at Wit Without Wisdom take a look at the diet world. We explore some the big favorites, some old ones that have fallen out of favor, and some of the craziest diets you’ll ever hear of.

We explore:

•    The government’s ever-changing nutritional guidelines.

•    The current favorite diets

•    Ten foods that used to be taboo and now are table champions

•    And some weird and positively dangerous diets

Plus, we’ll reveal – yes “reveal” because we’re like word-magicians, the truth on which diets work best.

So, pull up your favorite cheat meal and join us as we dine on the mystery of dieting.

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