Do You Have a Growth or Fixed Mindset?

Wit Without Wisdom, Ep. 36

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In the age of personal improvement and self-betterment, it’s no surprise that a lot of research is devoted to understanding all the mental components that separate those who succeed from those who struggle. One possible answer may be that some people have what researcher Carol Dweck calls a Growth Mindset while others have a Fixed Mindset.

 In this episode, we explore the Growth versus Fixed mindset theory and share some practices to both determine which you are and how to improve your growth mindset while avoiding some of the pitfalls of both types.

We’ll discuss:

•    The differences between growth and fixed mindsets

•    Why it may be beneficial to have a little of both types of approach

•    7 questions to help you determine which type you are

•    3 Signs that your growth mindset is creating procrastination

•    The potential dangers of misunderstanding what the Growth Mindset Theory is claiming

•    20 ways to train your brain for growth

And believe it or not . . . There is even more. We just tired of writing bullet points.

 So, open your mind, draw up some introspection, and find out how a growth mindset can make you even more marvelous than you already are!

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