Halloween Special

— Ep. 18, The Writers' Podcast

Candy, darkness, and things that go bump in the night – what isn’t there to love about Halloween? And in celebration of one of our favorite holidays, The Writers’ Podcast is going deep into the darkness. Creepy stories, unsolved horrors, exorcisms, and fear are all being served by candlelight.

So, join us for a discussion on the darkest possibilities. But remember to stay in the light because the shadows are hungry and keep your voices low because “they” might hear you.


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By Writers After Dark

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We’re S.K. Anthony and Raymond Esposito, your hosts at Writers After Dark. She writes those urban-fantasy–superhero-badass-chicks-with-a-touch-of-romance stories and he writes those dark fiction-things-that-go-bump-in-the night tales.

When it comes to writing, we don’t agree on genre, but we do agree that . . . we love stories . . . and one of the things we love most: hanging out in our mostly-sober, Writers After Dark studio and debating the merits of just about anything related to the story of life.