How to Know if Writing Advice is Any Good

— The Writers' Podcast, Ep. 00

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If there is one thing we love more at Writers After Dark than writing about writing. . . it’s talking about writing. In each episode of The Writers’ Podcast, we’re discussing and analyzing the writer’s world – from industry news to writing advice, to understanding the pros and cons of the many options available to writers, to the psychology and studies related to our craft.

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In this episode, SK and Raymond make the proper introductions and discuss the topic of advice in general – how does a writer shift through all the advice? how should a writer apply it? and, How can you determine good from bad advice?

By Writers After Dark

We’re S.K. Anthony and Raymond Esposito, your hosts at Writers After Dark. She writes those urban-fantasy–superhero-badass-chicks-with-a-touch-of-romance stories and he writes those dark fiction-things-that-go-bump-in-the night tales.

When it comes to writing, we don’t agree on genre, but we do agree that . . . we love stories . . . and one of the things we love most: hanging out in our mostly-sober, Writers After Dark studio and debating the merits of just about anything related to the story of life.