The Myths and Facts About Introverts and Extroverts—Wit Without Wisdom, Ep. 16

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If the thought of an Open Office layout, a busy Happy Hour scene, or a networking event makes you feel a little queasy, then you’re probably an introvert.

Up until recently, introverts got a fairly bad rap. Consider shy and stand-off-ish, it didn’t seem that they were ideally suited for the types of things that lead to success. 

Recent studies and publications are changing all that. In fact, today it’s becoming kind of cool to identify as an introvert. But don’t worry, extroverts, your quieter introverted companions won’t steal your spotlight—because they really have no interest in it.

So in this episode, we’re laying out both the biological and psychological differences between these two “species.” 

We cover:

* What defines the introvert and extrovert

* The key difference in brain-wiring between the two personality types

* How to know which type you are

* And why Lemons could be an introvert’s kryptonite. 


And don’t be shy introverts because the chances are that all the extroverts are way too busy attending some event to join us for the episode.


Which one are you?

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