Life Themes: Creating a New and Better You

Wit Without Wisdom, Ep. 18

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We love the smell of new resolutions in the air. The scent does a fine job of masking the stench of last year’s failures. But what if that lack of resolve to hit those goals isn’t at all your fault? Maybe, just maybe, the advice given or the approaches suggested really don’t work.

Being the test mice for advice and life hacks here on Wit Without Wisdom, we’re taking a new approach to achievement in 2019. We’re doing away with bullet journals (gasp), frequency mandates, and “robot” productivity standards so we can get on with the business of finding success while actually enjoying life.

Life Themes seem the perfect manner in which to create goals with a greater probability for success. Life Themes appear to scratch the resolutions from the page and truly incorporate the things we want into the responsibilities required of life.

And hey, even if it turns out not to work, at least we can end 2019 without feeling like we just wasted 365 days on another really great tracking journal.

So, join us for our Life Themes episode where we’ll share:

  • Why resolutions usually fail

  • The benefits of a Life Audit

  • How to define Life Themes that work

  • And easy ways to incorporate who you want to be with the average person’s day

If you’ve given up on resolutions or feel that nagging uncertainty that you can “finally” get it done this year, then listen in, and give your hopes and dreams just one more chance.

What is your motto for this year?

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