Mind Your Manners

Wit Without Wisdom, Ep. 30

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If you’re going to stuff over seven billion people on the planet, then you need some rules for behavior. Call it etiquette, manners, or just common courtesy, but all these practices simply mean being considerate of those around you. It’s pretty simple. When you’re around others mind your manners.

Amazingly, although most people know these unwritten laws of civility, sometimes it takes little more than a day out to discover many folks just don’t. Perhaps it’s cultural, maybe selfishness, poor parenting, or maybe they were raised in a cave.

In our humble opinion, some of these ill-mannered earth passengers should return the cave or at least not frequent restaurants and other public places.

In this episode, we’re laying out thirty of the most important rules of etiquette and good manners. Although, we kind of figured that the people who need this episode most, will probably listen least.

And we’ve broken it all down into convenient life areas like how to behave in restaurants, at the grocery store, and behind the wheel.

If you’re well mannered, then there isn’t anything new here except the opportunity to rage over our ruder human beings. Especially on hot topics like:

•    Table manners

•    Personal hygiene

•    Kids in public places

•    The grocery store, the shopping cart, and you

Plus, our own personal pet peeves. So, put that napkin in your lap, put down your smartphone while we’re talking, and come tour the world of proper behavior.

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