The New Perception of Political Correctness

Wit Without Wisdom, Ep. 17


In a new study on the country’s thoughts and feelings regarding political correctness there may be a glimmer of hope for the future of reason and civil discourse.

To watch the news or listen in on social media, you might think that either the nation has become hypersensitive or that you’re the last person alive with emotional grit.

These days it feels like to engage in any public discourse we need a twenty-page manual that outlines not only what we can say, but the specific words we can and can’t use to say it. 

A surprising (or perhaps not so surprising) new study, however, provides hope. You’re not as alone as you might think in your disdain of the speech police.

In this episode, we’re tempting all the triggers with a discussion about the state of political correctness.

We cover:

·     How people really feel about PC

·     The surprising cultural groups who hate it most

·     The identity of a small minority who think the first amendment should be censored

·     And the author who saw this all coming almost 90 years ago 

But warning, if you’re hyper-sensitive to words and topics or believe everyone is secretly a racist, then this is not the show for you.

What are your thoughts on political correctness? 

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