Reality TV: Interview with Luke Cuccurullo from Married at First Sight

Wit Without Wisdom, Ep. 34

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If you watch Lifetime Channel’s Married at First Sight, then you’re no stranger to one of the show’s most controversial participants, Luke Cuccurullo. On this episode of Wit Without Wisdom, we’ve got an interview with Luke and some breaking news on where he is today and who has his romantic interest.

Lifetime channel’s reality television show Married at First Sight draws over a million viewers each week. What could be more intriguing than watching two people meet for the first time at the altar and then following the newlyweds through their first eight weeks of marriage?

True Love or Train Wreck? Well, the show delivers a little of both. Okay, actually it offers more train wrecks than true love, but that is why it is so damn entertaining.

In this episode show participant, Luke Cuccurullo answers social media and viewers biggest questions including:

* Why he decided to marry a woman he never met

* Was he gaslighting his bride Kate?

* Why he came off as the “Bad Guy” on the show

* What is Luke’s actual sexual preference

* Was he cheating on his new bride with a mystery woman and who was she?

So, if you love the show, are on Team Luke or Team Kate, or just want insights on what it’s like to marry someone at first sight, then tune in to this week’s episode.

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