Relationships: Compatibility or Chemistry?

Wit Without Wisdom, Ep. 25


Relationships are built on many factors, and perhaps the two most critical are compatibility and chemistry. But, as many find the two don’t always go hand and hand. There are a lot of different theories on the things that make us compatible and those that create chemistry.

Some folks might argue that compatibility is the basis for love while chemistry is the elixir of lust. And we’ve all heard proclamations that it’s what is on the inside that matters. Well, that’s a lovely thought, but if we’re ever going to get the opportunity to inspect that inner realm, the magic of chemistry is required to kick things off.

Chemistry, of course, isn’t just about physical attraction. Nor is compatibility a simple matter of agreement.

In this episode, we’re rounding off our month-long Love theme by discussing chemistry and compatibility. But rather than debate the differences we’re covering the stuff you really want to know, such as:

•    Are chemistry factors different between the sexes?

•    What things do men and women universally find attractive.

•    How to use a measuring tape to find out if you’re the opposite sex’s, ideal mate.

•    Which is your least compatible astrological sign?

•    Why the booze you prefer could make or break your relationship.

Plus, many more tidbits you need to maximize both your compatibility and chemistry.

So, grab your pen, paper, and measuring tape and join us on our exploration into love, lust, and relationships.

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By Writers After Dark


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