Why You Sleep How You Sleep

Wit Without Wisdom, Ep. 21

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In a world with so many shows to binge and the inconvenience of work dragging us out of bed, sleep has become a real commodity. 

For some, their lack of sleep is a badge of honor, for others sleeping in is the new scarlet letter. For most, we just can’t balance what we need for sleep with all the things we need to accomplish in a day.

It’s a world filled with Morning Larks pluming the virtues of O’Dark Thirty, images of fitness gurus glistening in the 5:00 a.m. sunrises, and tech billionaires touting the benefits of three hours of slumber. All while the rest of us rise like the dead and stumble into another day.

And for all the advice given, science admits that it knows very little about sleep.

In this episode, we’re exploring the mysteries of sleep as we pull back the covers on what we know and don’t know.

We discuss:

  • What happens to our body and mind during periods of slumber?

  •  What are the risks of not getting enough sleep and how much do we really need?

  • The reason so many couples sleep in separate beds.

  • Crazy sleep conditions that could get you killed.

  • Why the world is stacked against Night Owls.

Plus, we’ve got a fun little research study that promises to reveal your personality based on your favorite sleep position.

So, grab your favorite binky and a glass of warm milk, and join our journey into the land of forty winks.

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