Amazing Human Abilities or Magical Thinking?

Wit Without Wisdom, Ep. 31

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Psychic abilities, telepathy, premonition, and auras. Are these things all just the providence of charlatans, weirdos, and eccentric new-age shamans? Is it possible that what was once believed to be magical thinking and overactive imaginations are actually a checklist of amazing human abilities?

At one point in history, these abilities were considered very real and very possible. And then the age of science ushered in a more rational way of thinking as we gained a better understanding of our world.

But as science has continued to advance, especially in the area of brain imaging, researchers are discovering that for some magical abilities there is empirical evidence to support these phenomena.

In other words, it may be science that ultimately proves the existence of magic.

In this episode, we explore several magical claims and the new research that demonstrates the possible existence of these amazing human abilities including:

•    Uncanny evidence related to psychic abilities

•    Why Crazy Aunt Sally may actually be able to read your Aura

•    Proven forms of telepathy and a mother’s intuition

•    The science behind water divining and gut instincts

So, grab your divining, crystal amulets, and latest premonition and join us on our journey into all that is known about these mysterious human abilities.

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