Things People Believe That Just Aren’t True!

Wit Without Wisdom, Ep. 33

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Congratulations you are probably living a lie. Well, not a complete lie but there are still plenty of things people believe that just aren’t true.

We’re not talking about really big or important things. In fact, most of the myths we are debunking in this episode don’t rise to the level of conspiracy or political outrage.

Still, it was terrific to discover over fifty things a large number of people believe that just aren’t true. And perhaps more interesting is the ways and reasons why these pervasive untruths continue to prosper.

And while we get a little snarky on some of the myths, your humble hosts are not jumping on the soapbox as there were several falsehoods we too believed until we completed the research. 

So, you probably won’t have an existential crisis from learning these truths, but you may have to revise some of the ways in which you view your world as we unveil twenty-one things people believe that just aren’t true including:

•    The potential dangers of televisions on eyesight

•    The truth on preventing the common cold

•    The metabolism of skinny people and the risks of Washboard Abs

•    The relationship between eating and swimming deaths

Plus, over a dozen more truths about the things, you might believe.

Getting ready to test yourself and your internal BS detector as we reveal all the secrets of the universe . . . Or just help you feel smarter than everyone else.

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By Writers After Dark


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