Today's Top Conspiracy Theories

Wit Without Wisdom, Ep. 27

conspiracy theories

The difference between the truth and a conspiracy theory is whether or not you believe it. And the fact is most of us believe in at least one conspiracy theory although we don’t consider it to be.

At Wit Without Wisdom, where we are always questioning the legitimacy of advice, we love a good government cover-up story.

Sometimes these theories are interesting, sometimes entertaining, sometimes downright crazy, and unfortunately, some are actually dangerous or disturbing.

But most interesting is the psychology behind these theorists (assuming they are wrong) and the methods in which they defend their particular truth.

 In this episode, we are diving into some of the latest top conspiracies, revisiting some of the oldies but goodies, and delving into a few crazy theories that turned out to be true.

We’re exploring:

•    The Robot Invasion

•    The Cannibal Queen

•    Disguised Moons

•    The Reptile Leaders of Earth

And of course, some of the old favorites that have been around for decades.

So, grab your aluminum hats and get ready to examine a world where the truth is kept secret, and the government controls your mind.

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