What’s Your Wellness Strength?

Wit Without Wisdom, Ep. 19

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True wellness is a balance. Like having just the right amount of pepperoni on a pizza. Well, possibly achieving wellness is a bit more complicated than pizza and certainly not something one can just order on Uber Eats. 

On the surface, the pursuit of wellness appears simple enough—eat right, take care of your state of mind, and get some physical exercise. But most of us have our preferences, our wellness strengths so-to-speak. Those strengths can often mean that while we excel in one area of wellness, the other areas don’t get the time or attention they need, and the result is wellness imbalance.

And sometimes, the very things intended to bring us feelings of wellness result in adverse effects.

In this episode we talk about the two paths to wellness—the mental and the physical. We’ll discuss some of the pitfalls, how to find greater balance, and the reason why Shanny never sleep walks.

So join us for our Wellness Strength episode where we’ll share:

  • How to calculate your own wellness strengths

  • The two types of meditation and the potential negative impact of mindfulness

  • Why too much research on wellness isn’t always a good thing

  • And the emotional benefits of exercise

If you’re looking to improve your state of wellness or learn how to create greater life balance, then join us for this week’s episode.

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