Birthday Special: Easter & Halloween

Wit Without Wisdom, Ep. 10

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Are there any two holidays that have more in common than Easter and Halloween?

Seriously, think about it: they are both a religious celebration. Most years you have to go to work the next day. They both deal in spirits (some of the Holy kind and some of the unholy type). Resurrections are standard for both. Kids and adults are often dressed in funny outfits.

And most of all, there is all that candy.

It seemed to us that whether you’re hoping for the Easter Bunny or The Great Pumpkin, this was the ideal time for Wit Without Wisdom to run our Halloween Special. Plus, being that it is Raymond’s Birthday, we thought a break from editing a new episode was just the present he deserved.

So, sit back with that chocolate Easter bunny or go find that old bowl of leftover Halloween candy and join us for a trip down Spooky Lane where we’ll:

  • Share some terrifying true stories

  • Read some of the spookiest two-sentence stories every told

  • Perform an incredible theatrical re-enactment of the most famous Urban Legend

  • And, explore an incredibly horrifying tale pulled from Today’s headlines

Even if you’ve heard this episode previously on The Writers’ Podcast, you’ll want to listen again because it is so much scarier in the pastel light of Easter.


Happy Birthday, Raymond!!!!

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