Dear Celebrities, Stop Ruining Our Shows!

Wit Without Wisdom, Ep. 08


There is an old saying that states, “there is a time and a place for everything.” There is also a song by the band The Birds that put the idea to a catchy tune. And although there are often important matters we feel passionate about, sometimes the timing of the discussion can really ruin a moment.

You know things such as your spouse asking if you paid the water bill during love making or when a cop ruins your new land-speed record just to ask if you know how fast you were going.

Lately, Hollywood and its celebrities have been a big buzz kill to our enjoyment of the mindless entertainment they provide.

We’ll repeat that there are some really important issues to discuss lest you think us insensitive. But keeping one’s sanity also requires the occasional escape into fantasy.

So tonight we’re discussing celebrities unrelenting need to use every award show as a pulpit to share their thoughts and opinions on the state of social affairs.

We’re asking the big questions such as:

  • Are award shows the “time and the place?”

  • Do these social justice messages hurt viewership?

  • Are there better ways to raise the awareness of important topics?

  • Do celebrities suffer from a “do as I say, not as I do” mentality?

  • Who framed Roger Rabbit?

Okay, we don’t actually cover that last question. But still, since our own hypocrisy knows no bounds, we’re using our platform to judge celebrities on how they use their own platform.

So put on your formal evening wear, pull up a chair in your reserved VIP section, and join us as we ponder if celebrities should just shut up and let us enjoy our entertainment.

What do you think about celebrities pushing social justice?

Should they do it every time they're in the spotlight

or should there be a time and a place?

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