Did You Know? Incredible Facts You'll Never Use!

Wit Without Wisdom, Ep. 14


At Wit Without Wisdom we’re all about interesting facts and getting to the truth. In fact, one might even say that we are a bit too obsessive in our pursuit of interesting knowledge. And based on this episode it is kind of hard to argue such an observation.

Because we’re doing a brain dump episode where we’re sharing a plethora of tidbits, snippets of info, and factoids. (Did you know a factoid originally meant information that wasn’t true? See! You’re learning something already.)

So if you love origins, interesting trivia, and fascinating facts about sex, animals, customs, and words, this is the show you’ve been dreaming of. (We seriously hope you have bigger dreams than that but it sounded good)

In this episode, you’ll discover amazing things such as:

  • How yoga makes you bitter

  • The connection between beavers and hysteria

  • The color of ovulation

  • How to become an official Devil’s Advocate

  • And what the term “DTF” means to female ferrets

Grab your notebook and prepare to spend the rest of the week astounding your friends, family, and co-workers with some of the greatest “Did You Knows” . . . ever!


Did You Know?

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