Marriage Advice from the 1950s—Was it Completely Wrong?


Wit Without Wisdom, Ep. 07

The 1950’s is perhaps the pinnacle of traditional gender roles. And much of the advice and marketing of the time can make any modern woman rage . . . andmany modern men secretly long for yester-year. (Yeah, forget it guys.)

In this episode, expert homemaker, Lynda Dietz, joins us as we bring you your slippers and serve you these deliciously ridiculous tidbits in the style of the 50’s most dutiful housewife.

Trust us, we found some real gems! You’ll be more appalled than hearing a housewife talk about finances at a dinner party or being asked to skip Saturday golf to babysit the kids.

Crazy? Yes. Demeaning? Almost certainly.

But in the modern age of marriage and family, we ask: Was all this advice completely wrong?

With many people longing to return to simpler times and more family togetherness, is there any way to return to a traditional family model that doesn’t include gender bias and servitude?

In this episode you’ll also discover:

  • How to prepare for your husband’s return home from work

  • How to handle infidelity

  • Why our guest, Lynda Dietz, was sued by Hoover Vacuum for patent infringement

  • The study that found men who do these things get less sex

So, grab a cold Moxie from the icebox, throw you favorite Swanson TV dinner in your chartreuse range-top oven, and gather up the family for some good ole fashioned fun!


Lynda profile pic.jpg

Special thanks to Lynda for joining us on this episode! We knew she'd have something to say on the subject, partly because she likes to talk, and partly because she's been married for quite a while now!

Plus, she even says this in her bio over at Easy Reader Editing: "My hubby and three children alternate between being hilarious or making me mental (there is no in between)." So yeah . . . she knows all about being a housewife! You can follow her here: blog~ Twitter~ Instagram~ Facebook

What's the "funniest" marriage advice you've heard?

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