Wit Without Wisdom


The new podcast is here! The new podcast is here!

"Exploring the artful confusion of being human
. . . as seen through the eyes of storytellers."

Exploring the artful confusion of being human as seen through the eyes of storytellers. In each episode, we bring you snarky discussions of today's hottest life hacks, studies, and advice—as found on the internet and . . . your neighbor's social media feed. :P

In our first episode of Wit Without Wisdom, join us as we give you a sample of what to expect in the upcoming months. Find out SK's real first name, the "study" about studies, why Raymond is afraid of nanny cams, and the nine things you should stop doing on Facebook.

Take a listen and tell us about YOUR biggest Facebook pet peeves!

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By Writers After Dark

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We’re S.K. Anthony and Raymond Esposito, your hosts at Writers After Dark. She writes those urban-fantasy–superhero-badass-chicks-with-a-touch-of-romance stories and he writes those dark fiction-things-that-go-bump-in-the night tales.

When it comes to writing, we don’t agree on genre, but we do agree that . . . we love stories . . . and one of the things we love most: hanging out in our mostly-sober, Writers After Dark studio and debating the merits of just about anything related to the story of life.