Insane TV Commercials & Why They Work

Wit Without Wisdom, Ep. 09


Every self-improvement program requires at least one product purchase. Seriously, what is the point of gaining a new habit, greater success, or a new and better you, if you don’t get to do some shopping?

Even something as simple as “walking” requires a new pair of shoes.

Thankfully, advertisers understand and are willing to spend millions of dollars to guide us toward that one thing, that single purchase that will help us reach our goals. And sometimes, because, well, we’re all kind of dumb, they don’t just create products, they create for us a need we didn’t even know we had . . . and then they create a product to serve that need.

Now, if you’re like us here at Wit Without Wisdom, then you’re way too smart to fall for the words and promises of these slick, snake oil salespersons, right? Maybe not.

In this episode, we explore the world of television commercials and reveal all their sneaky little tricks to get us to buy.

Plus, we’ll discuss:

  • A funny commercial whose product name people can’t remember

  • How a serious side effect became a big positive for one Pharma company

  • Science-y words that actually mean nothing

  • How you can buy Raymond’s house for just one dollar a month

  • And the power of psychological tricks that make us believe untested statements

So if you’ve ever bought a product this episode is for you. In fact, listeners* have said that subscribing to Wit Without Wisdom has increased their happiness by over fifteen percent.

(* two listeners have said that, Raymond and Shanny)


What is your favorite TV commercial?


Which one can you just NOT stand?

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