Why Bad Habits are SO Good!

Wit Without Wisdom, Ep. 12


Habits are the one area of behavior that requires an adjective for clarity. There are the good ones and then there are the bad ones. And many people spend a lot of time thinking about their need to form more good ones and extinguish the bad ones.

But did you ever lament over the reality that it is so much easier to pick up those bad habits than it is to make more productive activities? To make them so second nature that you needn’t even think about them?

Wouldn’t it be nice if most of us had to really struggle to get outof shape? Or what if you required a support group to get you watching more Netflix?

The good stuff just seems to require more thought, commitment, and work than all the bad stuff.

So in this episode, we’re exploring the differences between the good and the bad of habits. All while Shanny snacks on sugar, Raymond smokes some cigarettes, and we both consume more than a little booze.

Oh, but wait! There’s plenty more, like:

  • How many days it really takes to form a habit

  • The one word that reduces your willpower

  • What sunlight and walking have in common with chocolate milk

  • And how psychology helped make casinos billions

And because nine out of ten vague, unnamed medical professionals might agree that listening to Wit Without Wisdom is possibly an important habit for your health and well-being, you’ll feel 60% happier than if you didn’t listen.

What are some bad habits you hate to love?

Have you ever been able to succesfully get rid of a bad habit & how?


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