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Breaking Up with WordPress and Finding New Beginnings

Because Life Likes to Bite You in the Ahem and Laugh at You!


Remember June? That time I made a big deal about being “back” to writing posts . . . and books . . . and getting my crap together?

Well, immediately following that post (like three hours later), WordPress decided it wanted to do us wrong. We tried to mend things (the usual end-of-relationship kinda way): we cried, they cried, had counseling chats, played the blame game, smiled at the memories, and had the “it’s not you, it’s me” talk.

It was them, though, not us . . . so we broke it off.

Then we did what any new “ex” would do. We buried ourselves in ice cream and workouts for a proper heartbreak-revenge cycle (it’s called balance). We had to find a new home, transfer our content, and say goodbye to all your awesome thoughts you’ve shared with us over the past couple years. I would have copied & pasted all the comments but didn’t want to seem like a comment hoarder. It’s just . . . it made me sad. So now we’re back with a new look and we’re in a committed relationship with Squarespace.

With all that, I’ll admit I had a “poor me” moment.

If you read the post I mentioned above, I was happy “being back” and was trying hard to let go of my writing insecurities. Then WP* glitched horribly (they lost a lot of our articles, messed with the podcast coding, locked me out as admin, etc.), and I was back to feeling like it was a sign I shouldn’t be writing or creating anything. Ever.

Luckily, life doesn’t only smack you around. It also gives you exactly what you need. This all happened around the time schools closed. So I was able to enjoy being a mom this summer. I did a lot of creative work, went on a girl’s trip with my editor, had fun with WAD’s** website possibilities, and had a lot of coffee (yes, I’m pretty sure that is a big factor in my happiness . . . and the survival for those around me).

I loved spending time watching my kids laughing, running, swimming, and having conversations with them. They’re seven years old so you can imagine just how amusing they are. Time I would have otherwise spent worrying over a post, a podcast production, or stressing over getting a scene just right. And while these are all things that make me who I am and are my passions, there’s nothing like watching my real-life creations to remind me that yes, I can, in fact, make beautiful things. But since I’m done making little humans and the twins are back in school, I’m going back to creating fictional characters and writing about life . . . through the eyes of this storyteller.

So I’m back.


Raymond too. He’s hiding somewhere, but you’ll hear from him soon.

*WP = WordPress
**WAD = Writers After Dark

By S. Katherine Anthony

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S.K. Anthony (Shanny) is a writer, a reader, and make-stuff-up-er who lives in New York. She is an award-winning author and a podcaster. When she isn’t busy with her toddler twins, S.K. finds herself being transported into the world of imagination. Well, either that or running away from spiders . . . she is convinced they are out to get her!

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